NCGA fails to Jump Start Our Businesses with Crowdfunding Legislation

Crowdfunding is a relatively new capital raising tool, which was generally used in the past as a financing method for such ventures as films and music recordings.  To date, crowdfunding has not been a popular method for offering and selling securiti ...[Read more]

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2014 “Short” General Assembly Session?

​The House and Senate chambers are discussing compromises surrounding two adjournment resolutions, House Joint Resolution 1276 and Senate Joint Resolution 881. The Senate is scheduled to come back on August 13, while the House is scheduled to come b ...[Read more]

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Compromise Probable for Coal Ash Bill

On July 3, 2014, with a final vote of 93-16, the House gave final approval to Senate Bill 729, outlining the cleanup and closure of North Carolina coal combustion residuals surface impoundments, better known as coal ash ponds. Senate Bill 729 direct ...[Read more]

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Environmental Review Commission holds final meeting prior to start of 2014 Short Session

​It seemed fitting that the Environmental Review Commission (the Commission), met yesterday, Earth Day, for its last scheduled meeting before the start of the 2014 short session.  Yesterday's meeting was chaired by Representative Ruth Samuelson.  Th ...[Read more]

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Proposed Fracking Setback Rules Approved

​The North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission (the Commission) voted last week on fracking standards governing safe drilling distances from homes, streams and other sensitive landmarks.  With only one dissenting vote, the Commission voted to adop ...[Read more]

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General Assembly to Study Market Based Principals in Health Care: Sustainability and Transparency

​Between now and May 2014, the General Assembly will study what some believe to be barriers to a market-based health care delivery system. Among those perceived barriers that will be studied is North Carolina’s Certificate of Need law.  The General ...[Read more]

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NC Supreme Court Limits Private Lawsuits for Sedimentation Violations

​The North Carolina Supreme Court recently ruled that a notice of non-compliance with sedimentation and erosion control regulations does not trigger an injured neighbor’s right to sue for damages caused by a “violation." The court’s reasoning i ...[Read more]

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Highlights from the recently proposed Tax Reform Plan - updated 7/23/13

On July 15th Governor Pat McCrory, Senator Phil Berger, President Pro Tem of the Senate, and House Speaker Thom Tillis released a tax reform plan under a Proposed Conference Committee Substitute to House Bill 998. During the following two days, the ...[Read more]

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Senate Passes Bill to Alter Landfill Permit Requirements

​The Senate recently passed a bill (S328) that would scale back many of the landfill permitting requirements first imposed in 2007, yet increases applicable fees and would impose new restrictions to avoid adverse impacts on military operations.   Th ...[Read more]

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Proposed Bill Would Limit Zoning Regulation of Manufactured Homes

​North Carolina counties would lose some of their ability to restrict where manufactured housing can be located under a bill filed in the North Carolina House.  Currently, many counties have significant restrictions on where manufactured homes can b ...[Read more]

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